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About Us

By the members, for the members
  Welcome to the unique Holiday Owners Club! The members are the club.

The Club magazine is called "Our Way".

EIther we are arrogant - or special. We would like you to decide!

The Motto of HOC is "by the members, for the members" and every major decision

since commencement in 2000 has been agreed by owners' votes.

A not-for-profit management ethos ensures value for members'

fees, and as we are all member/owners we all pull in the same direction!

To summarise what HOC does, it provides members with many hundreds of weeks of quality

vacation accommodation every year, in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe

and the wider world.

Key factors are: control of much of our own accommodation;

: excellent access to inventory of similar quality by secure exchange;

: the ability for members to reserve their chosen accommodation many

months before they travel, and at the keenest prices;

: outstanding late-availability "bonus weeks"

Why not try the Holiday Owners Club way of enjoying varied, high quality holiday

accommodation, on land or waterway, in UK or across the world?

You will be gaining not just extraordinary value for money, but also a voice in the

"unique" Holiday Owners Club!



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